Why Made in America is Important

By: Amanda Hellweg

April 19, 2016

One of the core values at Skylon is that our products are manufactured, finished, and assembled in the USA. This is important not because we oppose offshore outsourcing- as we do, in fact, believe there are several benefits and that every economy is improved by open trade- but rather because it goes hand in hand with our other values: a passion for innovation, a drive for excellence and constant improvement, and a commitment to a superior customer experience. Performing all the key manufacturing steps locally gives us the ability to carry out those values daily, adding value and integrity to our brand. Aside from our values, there are a host of other reasons that products Made in America are better. There is a greater capacity for quality control, shorter lead times, changes can be enacted much faster, the practice supports local communities by providing jobs both directly and indirectly, and it is better for the environment. While excellent quality is possible in overseas manufacturing it is difficult to verify the quality of raw materials, processes, and even packaging. It is much more difficult to manage and visit vendors, control raw materials, closely monitor processes, clearly communicate minimum standards of quality, and quickly correct any problems in the manufacturing process to ensure products consistently meet their quality expectations. Aside from these difficulties you have the more basic problems associated with cultural and language barriers which all together make oversees outsourcing require more effort and consume more resources than manufacturing locally. Shipping itself creates several problems for the customer including larger minimum order quantities, long shipping windows, and it is subject to a number of delays including weather, political activity in the source country, union strikes such as the Port of Los Angeles Strikes in 2015 that cause millions of dollars-worth of inventory to sit in ships unable to be delivered and sold and consequently left millions of Americans unable to get their hands on products they wanted. When you purchase Skylon product you are not only getting a superior quality product and excellent service experience, you also support a company that is proudly Made In USA.