SkyLock Locking Board Racks - Pair (P&S)

-Horizontal Locking orientation to eliminate pressure dings and rail damage.
-TruLock™ Technology keeps your boards totally secure and doesn't allow for any bouncing or slipping.
-Adapters available for almost every tower manufactured.
-2 Vest holders.
-Skier Down Flag Holder Included.
-First time you can actually use a Master Lock to securely lock the boards into the rack while you are away.
-Fits ALL sizes of Wakeboards, Surfboards, ZUPS & Wake skates.
-6061 Billet Aluminum and Stainless Steel Hardware.
-Finished with Type II Anodize.
-EPDM rubbers to protect your expensive equipment. 
-Proudly Made In-House in the USA.

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