Skylon Sports

SpringLock Spring Loaded Board Racks PTM Bungee Swivel Direct Replacements - Pair (P&S) 2015-Current


We're taking versatility to the next level with the all new SpringLock Board Racks. Giving you a product to make traditional bungee board racks a thing of the past. Our patent pending Spring loaded mechanism adapts to the width and thickness of your boards, ensuring a snug and secure fit every time.  

Accommodating PTM Bungee Rack Swivels dating back to 2015. This direct replacement rack bolts directly onto the PTM backplate replacing the stock bungee fork option.

-Horizontal orientation to Eliminate Pressure Dings and Rail Damage.
SpringLock Technology keeps your boards totally secure and doesn't allow for any bouncing or slipping.
- Fits ALL sizes of Wakeboards, Surfboards, ZUPS, Foils & Wake skates.
-Aluminum Over Molded Forks and Stainless Steel Hardware.
-TPE Rubber Caressers to protect your expensive equipment.